While I was certainly disappointed that the Kickstarter for Arab Buildings didn't get funded, I am extremely pleased to report that their Normandy D-Day Kickstarter is fully funded with lots of great stretch goals already unlocked! You can get in on this campaign as it has 26 days to go at the time of publication.

For me, this combined with the WW2 buildings from Printable Scenery that I have purchased and printed out, will allow me to do a great 4 by 8 table for Bolt Action.
Top left picture shows the long house in 28mm and how it fits on an 8" printer bed.

Top right, you can see the Hotel Restaurant in 15mm, perfect for Flames of War.

Middle left, the massive 28mm Barn printed out in 2 parts on the print bed.

Middle right, the beefy 28mm Shed.

Bottom left, a sample of one house printed at 15mm, 1/72 (20mm) and 28mm.

I backed this campaign with the 40 Euro pledge, which entitles you to the base 6 buildings, garden walls, a well and an outhouse in addition to all of the stretch goals!

If you have an interest in WW2 wargaming and a 3D printer this is a great campaign for you to jump in on...HERE!


04/23/2017 10:13pm

I am really amazed at those small structures that are displayed in this post. It is such an honor that as a reader, I see that there are future architects. They are really talented and they have the gift that must be used in these times. They are needed for us to survive and the businesses that are there will be happy to use these people in their field. They will be there to supply us with new styles to view.


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