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​Tis a new year and I bring you news of a Kickstarter by Hobgoblin-3D, Tavern-Born: Raghaven Hamlet. This fully funded Kickstarter is in the home stretch with just 30 hours remaining! 

I have had good experiences with the products that Hobgoblin-3D puts out, I am printing out a selection from their Graveyard of Grizliness at the moment. Their particular take on fantasy scenery adds to any gaming table and their pieces always have plenty of great detail.

Full disclosure I am invested in this Kickstarter, here tell that I am a "Barfly".

Obviously, you either need to have a 3D printer or be on good terms with somebody that has one. If you meet either of those criteria I would highly recommend this Kickstarter for you.
<![CDATA[3D Printed Tanks]]>Sun, 29 Oct 2017 09:03:01 GMThttp://macattack001.com/gaming-news/october-29th-2017A new Kickstarter caught my eye, 3D Printable Tanks by 3D Wargaming, these are 1:56 scaled tanks. With 18 days to go this project is fully funded and starting to work its way through the stretch goals. 

If you get the Tanker Ace you are going to get...

Tiger I
M113 APC
Formic AWC
LUX Sentinel (sci-fi walker)
Marauder Light Tank
Pillar MBT 
Guardian APC 

​as well as...
As a Bolt Action player the I can attest to the fact that the biggest cost is the tanks (scaled at 1:56). So, I was particularly pleased to find that the initial coverage of WW2 fighting vehicles is not shabby.

Personally, I would have liked to have seen the Panzer IV (long barreled variant) replace the Tiger I along with the Sturmgeschutz IV for the StuG. The StuG feels like an odd ball because there really are not a lot of mid war German tanks and the Panzer IV is simply much more prevalent than the Tiger I. With those nits picked, the Sd Kfz 251 is a real treat to have in this pack as a mechanized force in the 2000 point range for Bolt Action can be a strain on the wallet.
I would really love to see this project blow through all of the stretch goals. His approach to breaking down the models to get the best possible finishes with the least amount of support material is impressive.

Check out Greg's video for more information on that...
Want to see one of their 3D T34's assembled and painted?

Check out the video below!
Even though I have printed out some up scaled (1:100 original to 1:50) 3D printed tanks this Kickstarter project looks too good to let it pass by, so I went for the Tanker Ace pledge.

What about you?
<![CDATA[Everlasting: Wet Palette]]>Wed, 20 Sep 2017 14:19:47 GMThttp://macattack001.com/gaming-news/everlasting-wet-paletteHello again.

Today we are taking a look at the Everlasting: Wet Palette Kickstarter.

​This is what you get with your pledge.
Why is it special?

1: They claim that the mold resistant foam will keep your paint ready to go for days in the airtight compartment.

2: It has a magnetically held ink and wash wavy well palette. So you can disconnect it for easy clean up.

3: It comes in two sizes, the smaller painter version and the large studio version. For me this is the reason to back the project I picked up a wet palette from AC Moore that is HUGE...takes up a huge amount of real estate on my paint table. So I am much more interested in the 15 x 20 cm (6" x 8") footprint of the Painter version.
Entry point is 25 ($29.99 USD) which does not include shipping. The project is fully funded with more than 2,700 backers at this point with 22 days to go.

Full disclosure, I will be backing this project, will you? 
<![CDATA[Table of Ultimate Gaming]]>Wed, 13 Sep 2017 08:14:07 GMThttp://macattack001.com/gaming-news/table-of-ultimate-gaming
This Kickstarter is fully backed, sitting pretty at 948 backers to the tune of $720,092 with 15 days remaining (at the time of this post)! Not a shabby Kickstarter by any measure.

What is the Table of Ultimate Gaming?

If Geek Chic was the Lamborghini of gaming tables then the Table of Ultimate Gaming is at the very least a Ford Mustang GT Fastback. As you may have heard of the untimely demise of Geek Chic, there are still options for purchasing a quality gaming table (Google is our friend).
Breaking it down a bit, the 2.4 is the 2'x4', 3.5 is 3'x5' and the 4.6 is the 4'x6' table with a decent number of options available.
If you are not a DIYer sort and are looking for a reasonably priced entry point into getting your very own gaming table this may very well be the Kickstarter for you!
<![CDATA[When the Fog rolls in!]]>Mon, 21 Aug 2017 18:37:13 GMThttp://macattack001.com/gaming-news/when-the-fog-rolls-inDid you miss me?

Well, I missed you!

Had a family emergency to deal with, which essentially deprived me of secured reliable internet for 6 weeks. Spent the last two weeks home, just decompressing and getting caught up on some the tasks that had piled up.

Good thing I made it back in time to get in on this Kickstarter and there is still time if you want to as well (as of this post 9 days).

What we are talking about today is the Fog Monster from Real Game FX. This machine does not use dry ice or chemical fog, instead utilizing ultrasonic atomization of liquids, in this case water (preferably filtered, purified, or demineralized water). 

"We have not found any problems from moisture build up on nonporous game pieces that use water or oil based paints. We have used wax paper under our set to protect any porous, wooden, or cardboard, table top surface from moisture."

"For players with wood, card game tiles and boards, paper or cardboard terrain. Fog is humid air. Fog will cause moisture build up.  Owners of paper or wood based game pieces should take moisture build-up into consideration before deciding to use fog in game as fog moisture may cause paper or wood based pieces to peel or warp."
There are three versions of the Fog Monster, I opted for the painted Dark Crypt version which looks like a tower.
Below is the standard Fog Monster and beneath that is the clear Fog Monster.
The project is fully funded and with a fair number of stretch goals all ready unlocked.
Let me know what you think of it.

As always, play games and have fun!
<![CDATA[Antenocitis Workshop and the Azure Dragon Dropship]]>Fri, 23 Jun 2017 14:35:43 GMThttp://macattack001.com/gaming-news/antenocitis-workshop-and-the-azure-dragon-dropshipJed is now offering up the Azure Dragon Dropship for Infinity. This detailed model is priced at 150 pounds sterling ($190.92 USD) which is not cheap by any means. However, I will let you be the judge of whether it is worth it or not.
<![CDATA[Universal Tile]]>Tue, 02 May 2017 14:27:17 GMThttp://macattack001.com/gaming-news/universal-tileHayland Terrain is running a Kickstarter for their Universal Tile 3D Printing 28mm Tabletop Terrain, which is quite the title. The project is fully funded and at Stretch Goal #10 at the time of this writing. 

Backing up what is this Kickstarter?
Essentially this is all of the modern scenery bits that will make your table really pop! 

Full disclosure, I backed this project at the £40 pledge, so I will be getting all of the addons and stretch goals.
There are 15 days remaining on this Kickstarter, if you have a 3D printer and have an interest in modern and near future RPGs or wargaming this is the project that you didn't know you were waiting for.

What say you?
<![CDATA[Glowing Crystals?]]>Fri, 28 Apr 2017 12:17:28 GMThttp://macattack001.com/gaming-news/glowing-crystalsSo I ran across this short little how to video on YouTube and it is so cool I thought you might be interested. 

It will work for sci-fi or fantasy equally well.
<![CDATA[Thomarilion: Latest Releases]]>Wed, 26 Apr 2017 20:56:35 GMThttp://macattack001.com/gaming-news/thomarilion-latest-releasesThomarilion keeps putting out great products and I feel obligated in showcasing them here!

Catapulting to the number one spot is the Catapult, yeah I went there.
Coming in at 9.99 € (or $10.89 USD) with laser cut wood parts it is a relatively straight forward build and should be ready for you tabletop in short order.

Next we have The Dark Sovereign, also priced at 9.99 € (or $10.89 USD), ceramic casting is 60mm x 65mm (or 2.36" x 2.55"). It can certainly spruce up a spartan table.
Finally we have the Castle Fireplace, an essential when your adventurer's need to ward of a damp chill from a cool spring night. Priced at 5.25 € (or $5.73 USD) and constructed out of durable resin, it is certain to give that room a needed lived in feel.
Let me know what you think in the comments.

Until next time!
<![CDATA[Fantasy Arc: Gwenilth - Modular Tree Models]]>Mon, 24 Apr 2017 07:59:12 GMThttp://macattack001.com/gaming-news/fantasy-arc-gwenilth-modular-tree-modelsFantasy Arc has recently released their first two models for this new line of laser cut terrain, the Elven Tree Fort and the Elven Staircase.
The Tree Fort is priced at $79.99 USD and the Elven Staircase fetches $99.99 USD. Obviously Elves don't live in the cheap side of town, however given the level of detail that these models incorporate their craftsmanship is on display. 

I have some concerns about the staircase and what I perceive as a lack of accessibility to place minis on the staircase itself. It certainly is quite the piece of scenery.

What say you?