3D-Print-Terrain, out of Krempe, Germany has just put up a Kickstarter Campaign for a set of Arab Buildings (15mm to 28mm scale). The full set of 8 buildings goes for 50 Euros (or about $53 US), which will be delivered at the end of the campaign.
"The file will contain 5 one-story buildings, 2 two-story buildings, 1 mosque, 5 walls with a door, a well and a donkey cart. The concept of the file is to assemble the building with a detachable roof. The scale of the building is 20/22mm. But you can reduce it to 15mm or size it up to 28mm."

 I have fully backed this campaign as I am in the market for some 28mm Arab buildings for modern gaming and these look great!

What do you think?
Printable Scenery is just 2 days into their latest Kickstarter campaign, Time Warp. It was quickly funded and they are well on their way unlocking stretch goals galore.

Backing up what is Time Warp?

A bit of this...
A bit of that...
A bit more of this...
Having backed two of their previous Kickstarter campaigns I can say that to date their buildings print out beautifully and that they have incredible detail to them. Yes, this is another campaign that I will be fully backing!

What say you?
Just got the email today that Woodland Scenics has the new Water System available!

The Water Undercoat Terrain Paint is now available individually instead of one of two kits. One jar is 29.5 mL, covers 541 sq cm and retails for $3.99 USD.
Deep Pour Water - Clear, dries hard, won't crack, shrink or discolor over time and it retails for $29.99 USD.
Deep Pour Water - Murky, is translucent up 1/2 inch pours in all other respects identical to Deep Pour Water - Clear, including the price $29.99 USD.
Surface Water - Water Ripples, goes on clear, dries clear allowing you to create ripples. Works with Water Tints and White Water Highlight. Retails for $15.99 USD.
Surface Water - Water Waves, is used to create splashes, waves and rapids. Retails for $15.99 USD.
For the sake of brevity I will only cover one water tint, Water Tint - Moss Green which can be added to Deep Pour Waters, Surface Waters and Realistic Water. Custom colors can be created by mixing the various water tints and white water highlights together. Each retails for $5.99 per bottle. Additional water tints include...

Water Tint - Navy Blue
Water Tint - Turquoise
Water Tint - Sage Green
Water Tint - Olive Drab
Water Tint - Yellow Silt
Water Tint - Murky
It seems that Woodland Scenics is happy to take my money after all!
When you carry a VAST assortment of terrain materials like say, Scenic Express, it is helpful to have videos showing how some of the products they carry are used.
They have a small collection of videos that may very well help you to get a project going.

Just going to include one video as they have more links through their website, just click the How-To Videos picture above to get to them.

The one I included below is by Dave Frary, he has decades of experience building model railroad layouts. 
Two months ago Woodland Scenics put up two videos on their YouTube channel giving us a sneak peak at their Complete Water System
They followed that up with this in December...
Even though I signed up for notification of when this product is available, I find myself swinging by their website every single morning to see if they will take my money yet. As of this morning...no they won't.

I understand the importance of hype and getting the word out, but for all that is holy and sacred to terrain builders PLEASE, take my money!
Yes, this is a First World problem.
Reaper has a number of releases for their Dark Haven Legends line for January, so let's get into them!

03791: Werebat ($7.49)
Sculpted by: Julie Guthrie
Painted by: Anne Foerster
03794: Siobhana, Vampiress ($7.49)
Sculpted by: Bob Ridolfi
03783: Adventuring Kids #2 (2) ($7.29)
Sculpted by: Bobby Jackson
03782: Spirit of Autumn ($6.29)
Sculpted by: Julie Guthrie
03767: Nemesra, Dancing Girl ($6.29)
Sculpted by: Bobby Jackson
Terrain is obviously only half of the equation, the other half being excellent miniatures to use with your awesome terrain. Dark Sword Miniatures has been producing excellent minis for years now and their most recent offerings go something like this...

Female Archer
Sculptor: Bobby JacksonPainted by: Marike Reimer
$9.99 USD
Female Mystic/Mage with Staff
Sculptor: Jeff Grace
Painted by: Kat Martin
Male Warrior with Crossbow
Sculptor: Jeff Grace
Painted by: Kat Martin
Male Mage with Staff
Sculptor: Jeff Grace
Painted by: Mary Profitt
Book Wyrm - Dragon Diorama Set
Sculptor: Dave Summers
Painted by: Susan Wachowski
Male Warrior with Great Sword/Great Axe Weapon Options
Sculptor: Jeff Grace
Painted by: Kat Martin
Obviously, not the cheap side of town. They are however exquisitely sculpted and look great when painted up.

So, what say you?
You can have it cheap, fast, or good...pick two. Well, Tabletop World has chosen fast and good for their Watermill. I hope that nobody takes that as a slight towards any of their products, as they reside at a level of detail that is simply awe inspiring.

This model is available with and without the River Base. The River Base connects with their River system so you can build it out as desire. With the River Base it is priced at €125 (or $134 USD) and without the River Base €105 (or $113.02 USD) at current currency conversion rates. Footprint is 220mm (8.7 inches) length with the bridge, 160mm (6.3 inches) width and a height of 235mm (9.25 inches). The River Base is 130mm (5.1 inches) by 240mm (9.4 inches) with a depth of 18mm (0.7 inches).

The River Base version features a water wheel that is cut off to appear submerged in the river.
So, what do you think?
Thomarillion has a plethora of fantasy bits that would look great on any Frostgrave table.

Heads of monumental statues (2 pieces)
Priced at €9.99 (or $10.72 USD), weighty pieces of ceramic that are big enough to do a bit of line of sight disruption. Instead of greenery around these ancient monuments imagine snow drifts and evergreens bent under the weight of ice and snow.

Set of ruins
These six ceramic pieces are priced at €13.99 (or $15.02 USD) and will add more than a little flair to any Frostgrave table. I like mixing and matching different architectural styles on my boards to give it a more melting pot feel.

Gothic windows 2 (4 pieces)
These four Gothic windows are approximately 25mm (1 inch) wide by 45mm (1 3/4 inches) tall, laser cut from cardboard and priced at €3.75 (or $4.04 USD). In addition to the 2 styles of Gothic windows they also have 2 styles of Rosette windows.

These are the sort of bits that can really help a table stand out and add unique touch to your buildings and ruins.

What say you?
For a long time now I have been watching a company out of England, Warmill. I would have liked to feature their products, however the way that they designed their website graphics it was simply a real headache to get images of their products. Fortunately they did a redesign of the website and now I can grab images easily!

First up, Blocks
Or more accurately, Block Estate 8-pack, for £89.99 ($111.93 USD). That breaks down to roughly $11.25 USD per level...compared to the Micro Art Studio offering of the District-5 Apartment 1 (3 levels at 29.52 €) which comes in at $10.52 per level. While only slightly more expensive per level you are getting a non-shoebox apartment with an internal wall (Micro Art Studio offers internal walls separately). No footprint dimensions are given but I am guessing it is comparable in size to Micro Art Studio's Apartment 1's.

Where Warmill differentiates itself is with the add-on's for the Block Estate.

Fire Escape x2
The Fire Escape adds considerable detail to the overall design and makes sense. Price at £9.34 ($11.62 USD) you are adding quite a bit to the footprint as well as tactical possibilities. 

Balcony 2-pack
The Balconly 2-pack is priced at £9.34 ($11.62 USD), is "compatible with all attachment points allowing it to be added to any setup." Again it adds to the cost, however you are getting a substantial bump in your footprint and tactical options. In a game like Infinity where terrain density is relatively high having as many firing perches as possible at varying elevations is pretty crucial. 

While, I do not have any of their pieces, and my Infinity terrain is pretty much filled out...if you are in the market for some buildings with considerable visual impact Warmill may very well have what you are looking for!

What say you?