Hayland Terrain is running a Kickstarter for their Universal Tile 3D Printing 28mm Tabletop Terrain, which is quite the title. The project is fully funded and at Stretch Goal #10 at the time of this writing. 

Backing up what is this Kickstarter?
Essentially this is all of the modern scenery bits that will make your table really pop! 

Full disclosure, I backed this project at the £40 pledge, so I will be getting all of the addons and stretch goals.
There are 15 days remaining on this Kickstarter, if you have a 3D printer and have an interest in modern and near future RPGs or wargaming this is the project that you didn't know you were waiting for.

What say you?
So I ran across this short little how to video on YouTube and it is so cool I thought you might be interested. 

It will work for sci-fi or fantasy equally well.
Thomarilion keeps putting out great products and I feel obligated in showcasing them here!

Catapulting to the number one spot is the Catapult, yeah I went there.
Coming in at 9.99 € (or $10.89 USD) with laser cut wood parts it is a relatively straight forward build and should be ready for you tabletop in short order.

Next we have The Dark Sovereign, also priced at 9.99 € (or $10.89 USD), ceramic casting is 60mm x 65mm (or 2.36" x 2.55"). It can certainly spruce up a spartan table.
Finally we have the Castle Fireplace, an essential when your adventurer's need to ward of a damp chill from a cool spring night. Priced at 5.25 € (or $5.73 USD) and constructed out of durable resin, it is certain to give that room a needed lived in feel.
Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Fantasy Arc has recently released their first two models for this new line of laser cut terrain, the Elven Tree Fort and the Elven Staircase.
The Tree Fort is priced at $79.99 USD and the Elven Staircase fetches $99.99 USD. Obviously Elves don't live in the cheap side of town, however given the level of detail that these models incorporate their craftsmanship is on display. 

I have some concerns about the staircase and what I perceive as a lack of accessibility to place minis on the staircase itself. It certainly is quite the piece of scenery.

What say you?
While I was certainly disappointed that the Kickstarter for Arab Buildings didn't get funded, I am extremely pleased to report that their Normandy D-Day Kickstarter is fully funded with lots of great stretch goals already unlocked! You can get in on this campaign as it has 26 days to go at the time of publication.

For me, this combined with the WW2 buildings from Printable Scenery that I have purchased and printed out, will allow me to do a great 4 by 8 table for Bolt Action.
Top left picture shows the long house in 28mm and how it fits on an 8" printer bed.

Top right, you can see the Hotel Restaurant in 15mm, perfect for Flames of War.

Middle left, the massive 28mm Barn printed out in 2 parts on the print bed.

Middle right, the beefy 28mm Shed.

Bottom left, a sample of one house printed at 15mm, 1/72 (20mm) and 28mm.

I backed this campaign with the 40 Euro pledge, which entitles you to the base 6 buildings, garden walls, a well and an outhouse in addition to all of the stretch goals!

If you have an interest in WW2 wargaming and a 3D printer this is a great campaign for you to jump in on...HERE!
It has been a while since I swung by Antenociti's Workshop and he certainly has been busy.

Starting things off we have the "Metro Terminus & Stop Signs". Priced at £23.00 ($28.49 USD), it is a multi-part set that has a combination of acrylic and resin pieces with pre-painted MDF.
One of the elements that I like about Infinity is the incredible color that they infuse into the table wargame genre, no doubt a result of the Anime derivation. That brings us to the "Avalon Tri-Ads Large". Priced at £22.00 ($27.25 US), these two triangular towers come with 6 different photo print quality adverts. When they say towers, they mean that these are scaled to be as tall as a three-story Infinity building!
If you need some more inspiration for your Infinity terrain or miniature painting please swing by my Pinterest board dedicated to Infinity: the wargame not the car.
TT Combat has been busy during my absence and they have come up with an impressive Motel set. Now, you don't have to get all of it at once, although I am sorely tempted to, as they have broken it up into manageable sections.

First up we have the Deluxe Motel Section.
Priced at £27.95 ($34.58 USD) with a tabletop footprint of width 32cm (12.6"), depth 21cm (8.26"), and a height of 17cm (6.69"). It includes two stairways and four bed frames, along with the Deluxe Motel Corner Section. Constructed of 3mm MDF and 1mm Grey Board, they provide downloadable construction instructions.
Of course, your first stop should be Motel Reception.
Modestly priced at £9.95, it has a width of 24.5cm (9.64"), depth 11cm (4.33") and a height of 17cm (6.69"). It features a reception desk, stairway and two bar stools. 
Just for the sake of argument, lets say that you want to supersize this bad boy. Well, you can get the Highway Motel, for £21.95 ($27.16 USD), which will add 32cm (12.6"), a depth of 15.5cm (6.1") for the building with an additional 5cm (1.97") for the balcony. 
This is comprised of three of the Motel Sections so you can configure them as needed, along with two stairways.
If you add in the Dinogas Filling Station (£14.95) and scratch build a diner, well you would have yourself quite the desert oasis. 

Let me know what you think in the comments!
3D-Print-Terrain, out of Krempe, Germany has just put up a Kickstarter Campaign for a set of Arab Buildings (15mm to 28mm scale). The full set of 8 buildings goes for 50 Euros (or about $53 US), which will be delivered at the end of the campaign.
"The file will contain 5 one-story buildings, 2 two-story buildings, 1 mosque, 5 walls with a door, a well and a donkey cart. The concept of the file is to assemble the building with a detachable roof. The scale of the building is 20/22mm. But you can reduce it to 15mm or size it up to 28mm."

 I have fully backed this campaign as I am in the market for some 28mm Arab buildings for modern gaming and these look great!

What do you think?
Printable Scenery is just 2 days into their latest Kickstarter campaign, Time Warp. It was quickly funded and they are well on their way unlocking stretch goals galore.

Backing up what is Time Warp?

A bit of this...
A bit of that...
A bit more of this...
Having backed two of their previous Kickstarter campaigns I can say that to date their buildings print out beautifully and that they have incredible detail to them. Yes, this is another campaign that I will be fully backing!

What say you?
Just got the email today that Woodland Scenics has the new Water System available!

The Water Undercoat Terrain Paint is now available individually instead of one of two kits. One jar is 29.5 mL, covers 541 sq cm and retails for $3.99 USD.
Deep Pour Water - Clear, dries hard, won't crack, shrink or discolor over time and it retails for $29.99 USD.
Deep Pour Water - Murky, is translucent up 1/2 inch pours in all other respects identical to Deep Pour Water - Clear, including the price $29.99 USD.
Surface Water - Water Ripples, goes on clear, dries clear allowing you to create ripples. Works with Water Tints and White Water Highlight. Retails for $15.99 USD.
Surface Water - Water Waves, is used to create splashes, waves and rapids. Retails for $15.99 USD.
For the sake of brevity I will only cover one water tint, Water Tint - Moss Green which can be added to Deep Pour Waters, Surface Waters and Realistic Water. Custom colors can be created by mixing the various water tints and white water highlights together. Each retails for $5.99 per bottle. Additional water tints include...

Water Tint - Navy Blue
Water Tint - Turquoise
Water Tint - Sage Green
Water Tint - Olive Drab
Water Tint - Yellow Silt
Water Tint - Murky
It seems that Woodland Scenics is happy to take my money after all!