3D-Print-Terrain, out of Krempe, Germany has just put up a Kickstarter Campaign for a set of Arab Buildings (15mm to 28mm scale). The full set of 8 buildings goes for 50 Euros (or about $53 US), which will be delivered at the end of the campaign.
"The file will contain 5 one-story buildings, 2 two-story buildings, 1 mosque, 5 walls with a door, a well and a donkey cart. The concept of the file is to assemble the building with a detachable roof. The scale of the building is 20/22mm. But you can reduce it to 15mm or size it up to 28mm."

 I have fully backed this campaign as I am in the market for some 28mm Arab buildings for modern gaming and these look great!

What do you think?


03/07/2017 10:16pm

This one is really fantastic. This made me remember the online games I have played before. In that game, there are soldiers who were fighting each other. Anyway, whoever did this is really an amazing artist! I have to say that this isn't easy to do. It takes a lot of effort and patience just to be able to finish this one.

03/28/2017 9:25am

It's seems like real, i really like your 3D sketch, and i think you should create more places like this, i really like your entire structure.

03/30/2017 2:56am

Nice 3d graphic concept,nice for sharing!

04/04/2017 12:15pm

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